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May 1st - August 30th

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*Due to current unknowns the April Group has moved its start date to May 1st*

WPWI Accountability Group

Welcome to the Accountability Group. This is a group of women who are ready and committed to change. The foundation of this program is based on action and doing activities now. Not later, not tomorrow, but today and every day.

Important Highlights:

  • Money-back no questions asked in the first seven days of the program.
  • Bonus Point Rewards to earn back 50%.
  • Personal one on one interactions with peers who share unique life stressors.
  • A great moderator who has lost 100+lbs herself and knows a thing or two about obesity 😉 While I specifically cannot practice obesity medicine in the group, I can share knowledge and my personal experiences, recipes, etc, etc. Just wait until to you read the agreement my lawyer made me put like 8 paragraphs discussing how there are NO doctor-patient relationships between anyone in the group!
  • An environment that promotes free sharing of knowledge, recipes, motivation, and unique support.

The Money Back Bonus Points

  • This system is created to keep you involved.
  • It is meant to be a reward, not a punishment.
  • To obtain the reward: post once a day most days of the week
    • Example: April has 30 days; which gives 30 days to earn 22 points. ( 1 post per day = 1 point max per day).
  • The post topic can be whatever you want: picture of what you're eating, self-reflection comment, question for me or the group, reflect on a walk you took that you wouldn't have done otherwise, the options are endless.
  • At the end of each month, if you get the point goal, you will be refunded $200 dollars. Total possible refund then being $800 by the end of the four months. 
  • Each month everyone restarts with zero points. No rollover of points to help avoid any possible procrastination.
  • Goals per month: obtain 22 points in that month. You can post as much as you want per day; it is encouraged. However, as far as the points go, only one point per day is given. This is to encourage you to interact through the entire program, and to avoid procrastinating 'you working on you.'


  • Access to a beautifully done bank of healthful recipes. You can build your own plan, or have one built and tailored to you.
  • Plans made via a 3rd party registered dietitian. You will receive your own login into the system.

"Mind Work"

  • In conjunction with a certified life coach, we have put together a mindfulness curriculum
  • Each week will have a different topic with a powerpoint presentation
    • Video, audio, and text formats available
    • There will be a short 2-3 page worksheet to help organize your self-reflection


  • Evidence shows people who have direct contact with another person have more success.
  • This adds both to accountability and to increase communications in order to adjust as needed and problem solve.
  • How: weekly 20 min private phone calls
    • no need to feel awkward about them, each week we will have basically the same structured topic points to hit
    • Weeks you are busy: we can adjust to have messaging back and forth, but this is not meant to be a routine way of communicating. Messaging is not as impactful as physically talking and touching base with each other.


  • You will receive daily emails with quick reminders/images of inspiration to help keep your head in the game.


  • Not everything in the weight loss journey is about 'mind work.'
  • Sometimes it also is about learning more about how the body functions For example
    • How it changes in response to both weight gain and weight loss. Learning more about food itself, how the body metabolizes different foods. How the body runs on energy, how it burns fat.

Communications: We will keep in contact via three main methods

  1. A private phone "app" in which you will privately share your 'trends.'
    • Things that can be tracked based on your goals: weight, steps, calories, carbs, steps, we can even track minutes of meditation if that's one of your goals.
  2. MyFitness Pal: to share food logging. If you want to use another app, we can work with that.
  3. Facebook: this is our social platform, where you will be posting most days of the week.


After Bonus Points Reward Incentive Refund: $2,532

Before Bonus Point Refunds: $3,332

Billed out on a monthly over four months.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I find I cannot handle more than 20 people at a time. Any more than that I feel like I am too scattered, and the group gets too diluted. As such, if you happen to sign up and there are already 20 people, I will contact you and offer an option to be placed on a waiting list, for now, refund your money. If when space opens, you decide you do not want to do it anymore, no biggy, there is no obligation.

On a similar note, if we do not have two or more people signing up, the start date of the group will be postponed. I understand this inconvenience and am happy to work out either a refund or the possibility of a "small group," which can be discussed at a later date.

Accountability Group Sign-Up Here

2020 Jan -March Bonus Point Schedule (click the following):

Points 2020 Jan to March

Testimonials: from our previous 14 day and 30 days programs

"The jump start was just what I needed to actually follow the plan I had chosen for myself. Absolutely worth it. Thank you!" -Megan P

"I really enjoyed this program and found it more motivating than others I've participated in the past. The fee was very reasonable and the incentives to get money back were quite motivating (but not overwhelming). The daily pace and daily assignments actually made it fun and kept interest. The photo assignments made meal check in easy and interesting. It is great; I don't think I'd change anything!" - LH

"I have found these two weeks to be very motivating to keep me focused on my health. I love the interactions with the other members and just wish there was even more of that." - AG

I did it when I went to Disney last week and I’m going again in a few weeks for spring break. It definitely helps to keep accountable. I know that I feel like crap when I eat the stuff there but somehow it’s still tempting so doing this group has helped to stay on track! I don’t regret it at all." - E.