WPWI Accountability Group

During the month of May we had everyone enter the group under a 28 day commitment. However, as things have settled down we have some people in the situation in which they know they need a longer commitment, but understandably, have some people who need short term help. It is my suspicion the rest of 2020 will continue on in this manner.

As such there will be the option to choose a 28 day commitment, or a 3 month option. Sign-up form buttons for each option below.

Staying the same:

  • Members will be placed into a secret Facebook Group, where all the posting will take place.
  • Money-back incentive to stay involved in the group. 
  • "This isn't for me policy:" if you sign up and within the first 5 days you think 'wait, no this isn't for me,' just let me know and I'll refund you all your money and take you out of the group. 

Temporary changes:

  • A 28-day commitment, instead of 3 months.
  • Monthly price decrease: $300, before posting bonus refund
  • Posting Bonus Rewards: now easier to hit
    • One point is given daily every time you post - you can post about anything; post a food pic, post a thought, post about what you learned in a podcast you just listened to...anything.
    • Earn 23 points at the end of the 28 day period you will meet Bonus Reward refund criteria and get $100 back.
  • Saturday Morning Weigh-In: this next month, weights will not be posted openly in the group. While posting a weight can superficially seem motivating, for many seeing other people's progress and even regressions more often, in times of stress, causes harm than good. As such, we are going to stay away from rewarding scale victories; instead, we will be working on rewarding and praising healthful actions. Actions like making time for self-care activities, paying attention to details, cooking, etc, etc. 

Group Activities

  • Personal interactions
    • While I, of course, cannot practice medicine (gather information about your health history, take that history into account, and make a suggestion), I can share my general knowledge on obesity medicine, behavioral modification techniques. 
      • My background: I have spent the last 3 years in obesity medicine. My practice is unlike any out there. When I meet with my patients, we sit together for at least a half-hour weekly. This time spent has allowed me to hone the ability to dive into people's lives, really get to know them. Not only that, many of my patients are physician women. To not beat around the bush, long story short, continuing to practice family medicine and obesity medicine has put me in a unique position to problem solve and weed out high yield pearls for you.
  • General Education Posts
    • These are posts I put up with "high yield pearls."
      • I do not have a planned curriculum for this post, as I pick the post's topics are based on trends in the group. 
        • In the same manner in which we sit with a patient, hear what's happening, and then pick out treatment options. In the group, I watch to see what issues are trending and then pick out knowledge/ideas/perspectives to better aide the group. 
      • Topics that could be covered include, but not limited to the biochemistry of obesity, nutrition, behavioral modifications (eg mind work), recipes, summaries of helpful articles (both evidence-based articles and perspective articles written by self-help guru's) and more.
  • New: "Posting Games"
    • Daily, very quick move challenges: not meant to burn calories, but meant to make us move. No equipment or sport bra required.
    • Posting Challenges
    • T-shit and mug giveaways.

What happens after:

  • I am not sure, it depends on how the pandemic is going. The great thing about this group, is we adapt. Even mid month we interact and figure out what is not working to help change, and also evaluate what is working. Example: the month of May was challenging for many, to increase a level of fun we introduced a t-shirt and glitter mug give away move and posting challenge to help keep thinks going. 
  • Likely, we will continue this format of a one month and 3 month option, opening enrollment every month on the first of the month.