Who Are We?

Physician Women! More specifically any women whom has finished medical school and at least started residency. Including: MD/DO/MBBS

Our Goals

First And Foremost: Support of each other. The weight loss journey is difficult and lengthy, no one goes through it just once. We know that about 95% of people will end up regaining weight after a weight loss at five years. We want to change that through support and sharing of academic knowledge and experiences. Maybe through support and learning in our group, eventually we will have an impact on our communities as a whole.

Become A General Member

"General Membership:"

Lifetime membership to our social media (Facebook Group, Rules and Restrictions do apply). Please also make sure to check out our "about section" in our group. There are a couple of community standards (rules) we do adhere to, a paid membership does not allow anyone to break the rules. If these standards are abused we do reserve the right to remove you from the group without refund of the $10 membership fee.

-One year access to restricted member only content on this website.

Requirements for membership: women who have completed medical school and have at one time or another had a license to practice medicine or a training medical license (i.e. you are an intern or resident).

Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy

The WPWI Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter to help members stay up to date, give reminders, motivation, and more.

WPWI Accountability Group

A private accountability group of Physician Women peers only.

Separate from the social media 12K member group.

Both clinical and nonclinical welcome.

A paid service.

(New private one-on-one text messaging format available

to those who do not want to be in a group format)

WPWI Favorite Things

The most commonly suggested items discussed in our Social Group

Our Main Message

A large component of weight loss is community. We strive to form a community in which we are surrounded by like minded women, free of judgement.