The WPWI Accountability Group

Next 3 month Group: January 7th thru March 3rd 2023.

Are you Ready?

How it works:

Once we get at least 5 people committed to start we can form a group.

Max Group size is 6 people.

  • Group Size: 7-10 members, minimum of 5 ppl needed.
  • Members will be placed into a secret Facebook Group, where all the posting will take place.
  • Length: 2 Months, each month being a 28 day cycle.
  • "This isn't for me" refund policy: if you sign up and within the first 5 days you think 'wait, no this isn't for me,' just let me know and I'll refund you all your money and take you out of the group. No questions asked. 
  • Price: $500/month, with potential to earn $100/month refund if you participate in the "Posting Rewards Points." This is just another level of accountability, an incentive to stay involved on your journey. 


Posting "Rewards Points" to earn your $100 each month:

  • Each cycle has 28 days with a schedule:
    • 2 weeks of a more rigorous involvement, and two weeks of less involvement: "2 weeks on, 2 weeks off."
      • Hint: my goal is to hand-hold you through this. This is meant to incentivize you to interact. I have found the more people interact, the better they do.
      • Day 1-14 your goal is to earn points 90% of the possible points. I am proud to report 90% of people hit this goal. Hint, as long as you are still trying and interacting we have extra bonus ways to make-up missed points.
      • Points are earned by posting almost daily:
        • Two food pictures daily. We will modify this for ppl fasting. No more than 2food picture points can be earned in one day...incentive to NOT procrastinate.
        • "Activities of Change" (AOC): listen to a podcast, go for walk, do something you have been wanting to do but have been putting off. Now you get rewarded for doing it.
        • Weekly weigh-ins: "Saturday Morning Weigh-In's"
      • Day 15-28
        • One food pic daily
        • Three AOCs
        • Weekly weigh-ins: "Saturday Morning Weigh-In's"
    • Points to do NOT roll over to the next month. I assume you are like me and will procrastinate if not held accountable to taking action. Action in this case is staying involved in the group.

This reads complicated, but it is not, 90% of people hit the goal. I'm here to hand hold you through it, no one every loses points just because of a learning curve. It just takes a bit of orientation, which we will do in the 4 days before we actually start.

Group Activities

  • Personal Interactions
    • While I, of course, cannot practice medicine (gather information about your health history, take that history into account, and make a suggestion), I can share my general knowledge of obesity medicine, & behavioral modification techniques. 
      • My "quick" background: I have spent the last 5 years in obesity medicine. My practice is unlike any out there. When I meet with my patients, we sit together for at least a half-hour weekly. This time spent has allowed me to hone the ability to dive into people's lives, really get to know them. Not only that, many of my patients are physician women. To not beat around the bush, long story short, continuing to practice family medicine and obesity medicine has put me in a unique position to problem solve and weed out high yield pearls for you.
  • Mindset Modules: Each week a printable workbook is given. See below for topics in this series. Each 2 month cycle has the same workbook, but why the same? Because practice makes progress, for many repetition is the key.


  • General Education Posts
    • These are posts I put up with "high yield pearls."
      • I do not have a planned curriculum for these posts, as I pick topics based on trends in the group. 
        • In the same manner in which we sit with a patient, hear what's happening, and then pick out treatment options. In the group, I watch to see what issues are trending and then pick out knowledge/ideas/perspectives to better aide the group. 
      • Topics that could be covered include, but not limited to the biochemistry of obesity, nutrition, behavioral modifications (eg mind work), recipes, summaries of helpful articles (both evidence-based articles and perspective articles written by self-help guru's) and more.

If you are interested please feel free, also, to message or "TAG" Jennifer Hendrix in WPWI.

Mindset Module Topics

Topic include, but are not limited to:

Each week will have a different themed topic with accompanying reading material and workbook. Both are downloadable. I strongly recommend you at least be open to doing this when signing up. While this is not required, the more you interact and get involved with different aspect of a well rounded weight loss journey the more likely you are to have longer lasting outcomes. Topics:

Establishing Baselines

Identifying Healthful Goals

What is a New Lifestyle

Going Off Road


Taking Stock and Recommitting

Renewing Your Purpose


Stress & Stimulation

Self Care

Your Environment

Going Forward


Money Back Point System
Mode of "Intake"