"I started my weight loss journey in early January 2017, like I do every January. Ive struggled with my weight as long as I can remember. I had been at Disney with my family over Christmas for the trip of a lifetime. The pictures that were taken made me so sad about my appearance. I was embarrassed that I had to check which rides I might not be able to ride due to my weight...I check in with this group of dedicated women daily. I have made friends in this group. I find accountability refreshing and the camaraderie a blessing. I have been part groups related to weight...I've not found another group of people who are so helpful, so kind, and such a great resource for weight loss. I'm down 99lbs in just over 9 months, and for the first time in my life, I feel confident I will meet my goal. I feel in control of my eating. I 'm wearing sizes I haven't seen since high school. Success and accountability have been a winning combination for me, and the physician women in this group are a big part of that!
-JF MD, General Surgeon

"This group has helped change my life so much for the better. I had decided in January I wanted to get healthier and stumbled upon this group and my first "diet bet". Well, joining this group was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It is a group full of encouragement, laughter, amazing recipes and friendship from people who all understand the unique challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a female physician. I've been challenged to push myself harder to succeed in weight loss more than I ever dreamed possible by this group and the accountability is amazing. This group is the only reason I even look at Facebook anymore! So thankful for you, Jennifer for getting this going and all my lady doctors who are rocking it with me. Such an amazing sisterhood!"
-Jill, Family Medicine (with OB), DO

"I joined this group in July 2016 and was just starting my weight loss journey. I was so appreciative to have the support of other women physicians who understand some of our unique challenges with weight loss. In the past 15 months, I have checked in nearly every day to get advice and to help others who are just starting. I’m down 70 pounds, with goal of losing at least 20 more. I am so thankful to have you all!"
-Dianna MD, Pediatrics

"From info to inspiration- this group of amazing ladies has helped me to lose 30 lbs. Now, stuck in the dreaded "plateau" phase, I am encouraged on- to at least maintain, and with a plan to make this the week I bust through! I have made such huge changes to my family's eating habits from what I have learned here. This is also my best resource for recommendations- recipes, where to shop, recs for eating out, inspirational and educational podcasts (as it turns out, I eat better when I keep a healthy eating podcast in the rotation every 1-2 days), ninja workout ideas...Basically, love this group, love what it does for my health and for my family's health. On to the next 20 lbs!"

-AM MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology

"I had given up long ago before happening upon this group. Down #34 since June 2017. Not one ounce would have happened without the wisdom and fellowship of this group."
-Dianne MD, Psychiatry

"30 lbs down with help, support, tips and recipes from this group. Great to have a group of peers with similar life situations and challenges to use as a sounding board."

"This group has helped me lose 27 lbs and maintain this weight loss for the past 6 months! I have a more mindful eating process which has helped me maintain compared to doing a fad diet, losing fast but regaining fast."
-Heather MD, Pediatrics

"The vast amount of different information has been super helpful for me in my own weight loss goals. Most importantly, I have learned great information that I can pass along to patients."
-AS DO, Family Medicine

"...this group has helped me lose and maintain nearly 40 pounds!"
-Heather MD, Anesthesia

"I started LCHF on August 1st and lost 10 pounds in August. Then in September I didn’t lose a SINGLE FREAKING POUND. Without the support and encouragement of this group I would have given up. But seeing all the long term success was encouraging. I started the low carb challenge on October 1st and I’m down another 10 pounds. I love the support, recipes, pictures, and successes that I see daily. This group helps me stay on track and keeps me going."

-Kristine DO, Family Medicine

"It is unique to be part of a group of intelligent women with similar lifestyle challenges, who critically think through and question nutrition recommendations, but can provide meaningful support and suggestions."

-Nicole MD, Family Medicine

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"This group has been such a gift for me. I joined somewhere in June 2017. I started by reading people’s posts and reading... more about low carb/high fat diet, leading to current total of 35 pound weight loss. Even though I have quite a ways to go, I feel more confident that I can do it. I truly appreciate the camaraderie of this group. They have been with me thru good and bad times. They give gentle yet truthful advice and everyone is so supportive.

Just an amazing group of people! So lucky to be part of it."

-SG MD Psychiatry

"It is unique to be part of a group of intelligent women with similar lifestyle challenges, who critically think through and question nutrition recommendations, but can provide meaningful support and suggestions."

-JB MD, Family Medicine