It has become apparent there are many talented Women Physicians out there that need a platform to be found! We do not allow advertising within our support group itself,  as we keep the support group an area for just that, support. But if you have something to offer and think our members can benefit, create and post an article. In the submission area, there is even a "bio" section in which you can let people know who you are and what your history is. So if you would like to post a weight loss, weight maintenance, fitness, nutrition-related article this is the place to do it!

But remember no "poo-poo'ing." If you are going to try to talk someone out of a method make sure to have strong evidence and actually objectively review the article that has made you come to your conclusion. 

After a post is submitted it will be reviewed, placed in our password protected section, and a notice will be sent to the social media group that a new WPWI'er post is up.

Submissions are only accepted from Women who have finished medical school and at the least started one day of residency. As such you will have also had to go through our one-time credentialing process, so we can double check. Go to our "Join" button on the home page to do so. 

Last bit of advice to newer bloggers out there, make sure to set up your google analytics first before posting, this way you can see your conversions.

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