Doctors Practicing Keto

Slowly but surely more and more Physicians are learning the nuances of the Ketogenic diet. Its pros the cons, and learning how to manage such in an effort to keep our patients as healthy. Many are realizing we can no longer ignore this method of weight loss as possible. Especially as our the communities, our own families, and even ourselves continue to slowly and painfully suffer from the diseases caused by obesity. Many are realizing we need all the "tools in the toolbox" to battle the war against fat. Ten years ago I wouldn't think many people would have guessed we needed fat to fight fat! #welivewelearn Today this list is short, but soon enough more will be turned. 😉

If you know a physician guiding patients utilizing a keto diet please let us know and I will add them here, male or female, no charge to the physician. Email

The list below is in alphabetical order by State.

Dr. Betty Wang

Eldersburg, MD
Owings Mills, MD

I have a nutrition and wellness subset to my primary care practice. We teach people how to make behavioral changes in addition to learning labels/nutrition. Generally low glycemic, sometimes Keto/IF, anti-inflammatory eating, exercise, are examples of what we do.

Meridian Weight Management Center

Meridian, MS

"Our clinic was started after my family went LCHF in 2013. I personally lost 65#"

Dr. Alexandra Sowa

New York, NY

Temporary website:


Oregon Family Health:

Dallas, Oregon

Gresham Women’s Healthcare PC: Dr. Diana Gill

Gresham, OR

I am OB/ GYN in private practice and promote LCHF/ IF, mindful eating, meal
planning, and home-cooking both privately and in my Practice. I am a former PCOS/ infertility patient and have been able to achieve symptom control with this lifestyle and successfully implemented it for my family with variations for my kids.

Dr. Dana Tavaniello
Sunshine Pediatrics

West Jefferson, Ohio

February 18, 2018 was the last day I consumed sugar or flour. As I watched my body change in amazing ways, I slowly converted my husband and two preschool boys to this new way of life. I was more and more convinced that this is the change kids need to help with the exploding obesity epidemic as well as behavior problems and gut problems. I took it upon myself to educate myself beyond my poor nutritional training in medical school and residency with documentaries and nonfictional books on the subject. I took the final step with a specific low carb/high fat course for practitioners and became certified by the International Nutritional Network in May of 2018. I look forward to helping kiddos and their families find new health through food!

Dr. Kathe Supavong

Fort Worth, TX

I have been personally eating LCHF/IF for the last 6 months and it’s changed my life and mentality about food and health. I do recommend some sort of variation of this modified ketogenic diet to my patients depending on what their health issues/goals are. I also follow advanced lipid markers and inflammatory markers in myself and my patients.

I am now practicing in Direct Primary Care ( a monthly fee for all access to your doc 24/7).

Dr. Jennifer Hendrix

San Antonio, TX
Telemed: most of Texas

I am Family Medicine and a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Utilizing multiple methods, including ketosis, as I myself have used low calorie, low fat, to ketosis, to IF at different times in my own personal weight loss journey losing over 100lbs. I currently run my own Obesity Medicine clinic in San Antonio TX, structured in the "Direct Primary Care" format.

Dr. Jull Larson

New Berlin, WI

I am a Family Medicine physician in the Milwaukee WI metro area who actively advocates for a low carb healthy fat diet and intermittent fasting. I’ve lost 100 lbs myself in the past 18 months following this way of eating and have dozens of patients with obesity and many other chronic illnesses that I have helped lose weight and maintain weight loss with this eating approach.


Dr. Caroline Roberts

Telemedicine: all states

Adult endo with Virta Health. We are open for business in all states via telemedicine.