Ketone Testing with Keto Mojo

My new machine fresh out of the package with extra strips.

I am surprised how just having this new "toy" for all essential purposes has motivated me to eat ketosis level low carb today!!! Today is Saturday, I have so many behavioral "bad" habits that overrun me every weekend! For example, as much as I hate to openly admit it, it is our tradition to go get donuts Sat morning! #iknow And as such that bolus of sugar+fat+carbs influences my entire day, to the point I usually can only maintain, usually never actually break the barrier into weight loss. But today!! I am actually on hour 14 of a 16!!! I can never do that on the weekends usually!

So here we go, scatter throughout are pictures of the product and my results.

The biggest thing I was kind of annoyed with was the "kit" I ordered had an extra 50 ketone and glucose strips, but it did not have the extra lancets. Now I will have to dork around with going back and getting more #hatewastingtimeontediouschoresthatcouldhavebeenprevented 🙁

I saw some other reviews commenting on the amount of blood it needs, and I agree I was shocked how quickly the little capillary fills up (meaning less blood needed).

I was a shade weirded out about not using an alcohol swab to clean the finger prior to testing. The instructions tell people to just wash hands. So if anyone needs an Amazon link to swabs here it is....I just bought some!! 😉

Heads up if you are thinking about it our WPWI affiliate has a 15% off coupon. The coupon does apply to 15% off any of their kits in addition to the discount they are running for "founder." Unfortunately, it will not apply to supplies, and you should see the discount automatically applied in the cart section.

For 15% off enter their website via this link HERE.

Back of package.

I set it to medium depth.

Not in ketosis, no shocker.

Glucose at hour 14 of 16 hour fast