Sabotage: FOMO


"Fear Of Missing Out"

Biggest example: FREE FOOD

When the plate of cookies is sitting there, you start to feel a bit anxious. There is an underlying anxiety of missing out on something that is “free.”

This is really all based on FEAR. But the thing is this is not an actual is YOUR anticipation of something. You anticipation of “missing out.”

Goal: work on your perception

  1. Perception of seeing things fearfully VS from a place of love
  2. Perception of missing out on something. What are you REALLY missing out on? What is the ENTIRE picture here?
Ex: The Pharm Rep Lunch

Is that pharm rep lunch really free? Or did it come with the price of having to sit and listen to a stranger try to sell you something. To have to sit there and act interested even though you really know this pharm rep is entirely biased and you are just trying to be nice, not to call them out on their bias. Plus you feel pressure as the staff usually loves the type of food the pharm rep brings in #hyperpalatable #hypercaloric as even the staff gets to splurge..."after all it is 'free.'"

Ex: Food at a conference

“I paid for this conference, the food was included, I don't want to miss out on this food I already paid for.”

-but is that food actually good food? Or is it the cheapest thing they could serve because they are trying to save that plate of food really only worth maybe $3 (one serving of the giant volume of lettuce maybe 20 cents, dressing, 10cents, one chicken breast bought in bulk $1.50, some pasta something 75cents, one roll made in bulk 10cents, cookies at the end 20 cents).

Is this $3 really worth it? Or is this plate of food actually causing you to miss out on something else?

Ex: The Sale

“I am missing out on XYZ sale.” (this applies to anything, shoes food, anything)

---> Or, am I missing out on money I likely wouldn’t have spent if it were not on sale. If this was full price would I have bought it?  If it was normally $7 and now it’s on sale for $4, I am saving $3!!! Really or did you just waste $4 on something you didn’t really need. 

“Those wings are half off tonight”

---> Would you really be missing out if you knew that basket of wings really cost the restaurant next to nothing to provide..that is why they can afford selling them half price!! That or they know you will likely also buy a soda, or dessert too, they just need to get you in the store. Have you noticed there is never "half of salmon night," or half off chicken breast with quinoa night.  Some may superficially say, oh well there is not a market for that….but I would disagree. It is these are expensive to buy, expensive to prep, and "coincidently" the better/healthier food options. But a restaurant cannot have sales on these items, as they will lose money. 


FOMO = narrow perspective.

Fear is suppose to protect you, but are you really in trouble?

Open up your perspective...will you act out of fear, or act from a place of love?


If having trouble flipping from a fearful motive to a loving motive than open up that fear and make the fear actually adaptive, instead of maladaptive. Examples:

I could have wine, but I'm afraid I will miss out on all the benefits of being "on point" with my plan. I am missing out on my progress if I have that wine. 

I could have those cookies, but then I am missing out on being happy tomorrow. I am missing out on hitting my goal.

The ultimate…"I could ‘effit’ and eat whatever, but will I miss out on an opportunity to change.”