Guided Group Day 1

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is meant to share information, perspectives, and experiences. It does not provide medical advice, and it is not a substitute for advice from your physician or healthcare professional.

Super quick reminders....

Weight loss and health are, interact. Do not be a silent stalker!

Transformation and change will take time and work #sayitaintso ūüėČ

Don't be afraid to give others your perspective on something when they are struggling. Everyone is in the group to change, change is only going to happen once we change our way of thinking too. You giving your perspective will help you reflect on you, and it might be just what the other person needed!!!!

Mondays: We have our weekly weigh-ins. This is a chance to have accountability, AND to reflect on last week, how it went well, how it did not go well. AND also gain perspective on how to change the next week so we can continue to move towards our ultimate goals.

Today's HW: post who you are, starting weight, something about you.

Other if you are having trouble if you are about to reach for something that is "off plan" pay attention to the reason you are about to ignore your plan and eat it. Listen to the argument in your head...learn how you are able to convince yourself.