Mindful Eating: why a simple change can make big changes.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is meant to share information, perspectives, and experiences. It does not provide medical advice, and it is not a substitute for advice from your physician or healthcare professional.

So we have gone over self evaluation of the reasons WHY we eat. But we did also go through this skill being something that has to be trained, it has to be strengthened...so in the meanwhile you still are eating, not losing weight, maybe even gaining, so what do I do now???


Ok so first we need to talk about “over promising” and “expectations.” Too many of us have that mindset of 100%. I am going to wake up tomorrow and 100% do it..I’l going to wake up at 5:30, do an hour workout...even though I have never done this...I am going to stick to my entire nutritional plan...I am going to be positive the entire day!! We in general are “go getter” “high expectationers of ourselves.” That when we do something we have do it all, all at once, as fast and perfectly as humanly possible!!


But have you ever done this...or are you stuck.. You find yourself saying..

“I just can’t do it”

“It is too hard”

“That is not the lifestyle for me”


But this way of trying to make a change make no sense on many FUNDAMENTAL levels!!

So I try to stick to evidence-based info when I bring you things, because we are evidence-based people. Decisions we make for other people can change that other person’s life, so we try as much as possible to make an educated decision basing it on evidence.


So apply your evidence to yourself. The beauty is it does not matter that it is an N of one….because it is your “one.” should you give your evidence of you based on your one to someone else...probably not, they are not you. I hope that made sense….


Anyway, how many times have you started a program “all in.” Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack...all in...and in the end at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months how did that work out? I imagine not great as you are listening!  




How many times have you gone 1/4th in, and did the ¼ bit of the plan daily most days of the week….. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the answer for 99% of people is going to be never.


Why….because we are “all in people,” “all or nothing” people.

The crazy part when it comes to weight loss doing “all” ends up leading to nothing!!! I know...mind blown right!!!


So with that in mind think about this small change…

When you want to eat, eat at the table! Huh, what that’s too simple, it won’t give me the changes I want…...and there it is...kipping over the simple things!!

So please hear me out on this…. if you want to have a snack get a plate or a bowl out, nothing paper, a legit plate that can be broken and has to be washed (ie something that will create a bit of work for you down the line).  Go to the store “Ross” super cheap plates that match this description there.”


So get out the plate, utensils you will need, and EAT IT what you are wanting to eat!

BUT….no distractions!! No TV, no music, no podcasts, NO PHONE.


And boom...You are officially eating “mindfully!” You are eating what you wanted, and eating it mindfully!!! You can’t ignore your thoughts on it, you can’t overlook how it tastes!! You are sitting there bite after bite paying attention to your food. I don’t even need to tell you what question to answer while you eat your food...you will have revelations about your food as you eat it.


Revelations that hopefully help you make future choices about what was worth taking the time to sit, eat and wash a dish vs food that is not worth it!!!


This SIMPLE thing can work on different levels, and does not have to be “all or nothing.”

You will work on putting time into “working on yourself,” caring for yourself.

You will work on mentally thinking about your relationship with food, what food was worth your time, vs food that is easy to eat, but really not worth your time

You are working on sensing when you are actually physically hungry...as I can just about guarantee you if you are actually physically hungry you will take the time to sit, give up internet, give up TV to just sit and eat!!

Shoot you will likely even work on teaching your kids to not create the habit of mindLESS eating too.

You likely will also be inadvertently cutting out some processed food you would have eaten before...the handful of goldfish here, the kids leftover snacks there. The fast-food stop while running an errand there.

It happened to me today! I was running around town, a part of town I usually am not in...I saw my double secret super unhealthy fast food chain...and oh man did I want to stop. I asked myself...ok I can have it but I have to...

Get down to order, drive it home (15-20min)...get a plate out, sit quietly at the table alone losing time to get work done as school is about to get out soon, no TV, no Internet, no you guys!!!

And what happened I drove by it!!! No it was not worth feeling the abd pain I know I would get, losing valuable time, getting more behind on work, plus I would have had the torture of not eating it, having to smell in the car on the drive home, plus it would have been soggy..no not worth it drove by. Beauty too is this debate in my head took not long, maybe a minute or two, but that time also helped my physically pass it, so if I did want it that bad I would have had to turn around and lose even more time!!!! So even just having this pros and cons thought processed helped add to me coming to the decision….no not worth it today. Next, will I come to this decision I don’t know!! But who cares...today I won!! #smallchanges


Tips on implementing this…

Do you need to do this all day long no!! This is why this is a small change!

In the perfect world, you would do this at your normal “splurge” time….which is usually at home in the evenings for most people.

Do not do this “all in” do not think oh I should do this all the time 24/7, no it will not work!!

Try to do it every day and when you are most likely to mindlessly eat….

Just got home from work

While cooking

Before dinner

Evenings when watching TV (yes you will have to stop)...we will talk about loved ones and interacting with them in the guided group.

Driving around

When you are bored

At night

While charting


Embrace these times in particular. Doing this practice during times you usually are sitting and eating this will not work...as it’s not really you making a change.


Just remember change is NOT “all or nothing” do not overcommit yourself to change! Change happens in small increments!!!

No way in heck would you go run a marathon tomorrow. Why on earth would you expect to go from eating every 3 hours to not eating anything for 16 hours, or going from eating likely about 400 carbs per day to 20….no way, no how. To do that you will likely need some external stress forcing you to do it...ie you just spent thousands of dollars on a program, you have a beach vacation coming up, and your old highschool friends will be there type of pressure.


But for the rest of us who are living our daily lives...no way. And if anything, learn from YOUR PERSONAL N of one.


Small changes...persistently and daily!! Build a new lifestyle for yourself...just like you would have to build muscle and endurance to run a marathon. It is NOT all or nothing.