Yolk Vs. No Yolk

Egg yolk vs no yolk.

So honestly I don’t worry about the “health” of yolks. I have obesity; I use nutrition to control it daily. Thus the only reason why I am hard on yolk is the calorie count. Whether you are ketosis or calorie counting (which WW is a version of calorie counting) getting rid of some of the yolks can help everyone lose weight and maintain weight.

One yolk is a little over 50Cals, which may not be huge for some people, but when trying to lose weight, or struggling with maintaining weight, these small changes can have a huge effect over time.


Tangent: It gets on my nerves a bit this "fat is my friend" thing. From what I have researched, read, learned, fat does not need to be desperately avoided; it is not the devil. BUT it's not my friend either. If I overeat fat, and even a small amount of the wrong fat (especially trans fats) it can hurt me. Last I checked I don't consider people who will hurt me, friends :)~